Tom’s Journey

One of the joys of researching and writing France en Velo was the chance to really explore France and then share those discoveries with other people.  Whether guiding with or hearing other people’s stories from the route it is always a great feeling to show someone an area that we think is really special and it mean something to them too.
“My name is Tom and last Saturday I reached Nice having cycled the entire route (and a little bit more).
Prior to departing for St Malo I had done little more than buy the book and to book my accommodation based on your recommendations. As such my two weeks were totally in your hands! However after one day I had seen Mont St Michel, had a photo stop at the fortified chateau in Fougeres and stayed at the Petit Billot in Vitre. I sat down to dinner that night knowing that it was going to be a special trip. Every road, every village and town and every suggested accommodation along the route was better than I could have ever expected. When the book said that somewhere was worth a stop, it really was worth it. After a hard day’s riding I would be filled with excitement as to what my stop for the night had in store for me. I remember vividly rolling down the hill and across the bridge in Brantome after 120 miles of riding with a huge smile on my face as I realised that it was somewhere truly special. Nothing beat the feeling of sitting on one of the terraces with a glass of red with the peaceful river running past.
I could honestly write forever to you discussing my favourite bits and how much I appreciate your book but I am sure you get it from everyone who has done the trip. However in one sentence, thank you for giving me the trip of a lifetime!”